Theatre Production Classes 

California College of the Arts provides a unique environment where students of Dramatic and Musical Theatre can hone their skills with a professional faculty not found in any other program nationwide. The Eight-Week Theatre Producing and directing class  provides a rigorous and fun training experience. The following courses allow students to get an introduction to the integral skills required for success in this field and learn how to prepare themselves for the varied demands of dramatic and musical theatre career. The program culminates in a presentation for faculty, friends, and classmates.


This core introductory course outlines the essential roles, tasks and obstacles faced by live theatre producers. Topics include finding a venue, show selection and licensing, Contracts, and the relationship between producer and the actors and stagehands unions,. Making offers to actors and  talent agencies. In addition, students are introduced to the language of Producing theatre. Through lecture, discussion of industry developments, handouts and individual research assignments, Theatre Producer's Craft lays the groundwork for a profession as a live theatre Producer. Course work will cover, the role of the producer; in the development of a play or musical from start to standing ovation and beyond. 


The course will provide detail work on how to direct full stage musicals and plays.  The program outlines everything from casting, contract negotiation, to rehearsals and all the elements needed to direct a theatrical piece. 



This course will use specific in-depth examples of already produced Plays and Musicals to introduce students to the specific issues, problems and solutions of pre-show production budgeting, Scenic design, Rehearsals, costuming, marketing, . 



This course introduces students to the industry-standard software used to schedule and budget productions. In a hands-on lab setting, students are instructed in the use of Entertainment Partners (EP) Movie Magic Scheduling and Budgeting software programs, including established scheduling and budgeting techniques. 



Students will gain firsthand knowledge of fundamental play writing elements. They will study story analysis from a conflict, character, premise, plot and thematic point of view. They will learn the role of the protagonist and the antagonist and they will understand what moves a story forward from beginning to end utilizing all screenwriting tools available. 



This course is an overview of contract law and how it impacts the entertainment industry. Producing students will study legal issues regarding television, films, recordings, live performances and other aspects of the entertainment industry. Topics include copyright law, intellectual property and talent representation. 




Students will learn the basic fundamentals of recording sound for film utilizing the latest in digital recording and mixing equipment. This course will provide the student with enough knowledge to deal with basic production sound issues. 



Students will learn the fundamentals of lighting a basic scene utilizing small lighting equipment packages. This course will provide the student with enough knowledge to deal with simple production lighting issues. 


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